Pointe du Lac – Les siphonophores des eaux froides et profondes de l’Arctique
01. Les Anqallyt (04:21)
02. Haménania Manania (09:22)
03. Crossota Millsae (05:05)
04. Dimophyes Artica (03:03)
05. Anglatha Digitale (04:08)
05. Namomia Cara (02:42)
06. Un narval mâle sur 500 possède deux défenses (04:15)
07. Cyanea Capillata (05:10)
08. Aurore Boréale (04:49)

Release date: 8nd December 2023
Limited edition of 400 copies on black vinyl


Named after a metro station located in East Paris, Pointe du Lac originated in 2014 as the brainchild of analogue gear enthusiast Julien Lheuillier, joined shortly after by multi-instrumentalist Richard Francés, followed by Quentin Rollet on Saxophone a few years down the line. Les siphonophores des eaux froides et profondes de l’Arctique (“Siphonophores of the cold, deep Arctic waters”) is the project’s third studio album, the first one written as a three-piece as well as their first release on Hands in the Dark.

Like the organisms the album title refers to, Pointe du Lac’s music is highly polymorphic and complex, using a subtle and distinctive blend of Electronica, Krautrock, Jazz and Kosmische as vessels for the band’s fantastic instrumental imaginary voyages. Compared to previous albums and EPs -which tended to suggest cosmic odysseys- this new cinematic outing is diving deep and intends to shed light on fascinating, mysterious and diverse creatures and their habitats. Supported by (paradoxically) warm and impeccable sonic forms, the exploration turns out to be an unsurprisingly expansive one, yet accessible and oddly familiar sounding. There is a sense of assurance and serenity in the French trio’s latest offering, the musicians mastery and open-ended approach to free ambient music lets their ideas flow and never stagnate. The narrative of this expedition is one that will be remembered long after the listening finishes.

© Kirsten Schunn

Credits: Pointe du Lac are Julien Lheuillier, Richard Francés & Quentin Rollet / Mastered by Patrick Müller / Artwork by Emilija Radojičić / Layout by Floriane Miny