CO LA – Soft Power Memento
01. No Burden (Hissing At Punks Version) (03:20)
02. Asymmetrical Power (03:43)
03. The Oppressor (04:21)
04. Love Nest (05:07)
05. Dr Oblivion Sound Check (03:14)
06. See In The Dark (Thaw Version) (04:17)

Cat #: HITD 011
CD Digipack – 100 copies
Release date: 05th June 2012

Mastering by Anders Peterson
Tape version available on NNA Tapes


Matthew Papich aka Co La takes tens of dozens, if not hundreds, of musical bits and pieces from here and there – from hip-hop to 60’s girl groups, classical to reggae, jazz to traditional chants. Cutting them out, sticking, mixing and dissecting them over and over again, he transforms and splices them into brand new songs, creating an amalgam sound that’s somewhere between pop and the Avant-garde. Co La’s psychedelic beats play malicious mind games on musical encyclopedists.

Be careful not to wander too deep into this musical maze or you’ll never find your way out…