JOHNNY HAWAII – Southern Lights
01. The Parrots Are Not What They Seem (They’re Just Pigeons On Acid) (07:41)
02. Driving Through The Jungle (05:42)
03. Canoeing Down A Quiet River (07:09)
04. Inner Beach (09:44)
05. Psychic Suntan (10:05)

Cat #: HITD 019
LP – 300 copies on black vinyl
Release date: 30th September 2013
Co-release with La Station Radar

Music written & recorded by Olivier Scalia
Mastered by Anders Peterson
Photography by Beth Hoeckel
Layout by Fleur D.


The debut LP from French dream expop surfer Johnny Hawaii, Southern Lights finds its particular echo in Marseille, a historic urban area by the Mediterranean sea and the artist’s hometown.

This follow-up to the split cassette with Cough Cool, released on HITD in January 2012, describes his vision of a romanced reality, a patchwork of feelings assembled from bits and pieces of melancholic souvenirs with a delicate guitar filling the lapses of memory.

This original, personal album will undoubtedly be the perfect soundtrack to your own post-summer spleen. You’ll wish you could go back to that now empty beach, drink a sour pina colada under the threatening, cloudy, September sky.