CANKUN – Culture Of Pink
01. Agave Sticks (05:36)
02. Science Can Help You (05:23)
03. Empty Now (03:57)
04. Acinom (04:35)
05. Save My Day (03:27)
06. Why Do You Laugh? (07:12)
07. Soul Brothers (04:32)
08. Swirls, Swirls And Die (05:25)
09. Mechanics (04:47)

Cat #: HITD 015
LP – 300 copies on red transparent vinyl
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Release date: 5th March 2013

Music written & recorded by Vincent Caylet
Saxophone on Science Can Help You by Francesco de Gallo
Mastered by M. Geddes Gengras
Artwork by Valérian Marguery


After Cankun’s 2011 full-length album Ethiopian Dreams, Vincent Caylet returns to Hands In The Dark with his debut vinyl LP, Culture of Pink.

Whilst the frenchman still builds his sound with Lo-fi, tropical, catchy experimental tracks and groovy improvisation, the form of his music has nonetheless evolved remarkably since his discographic debut, boasting a more grown up composition and more slick production, with the beat now more hypnotising and each track more distinct and varied than ever – a far cry from the early days of his cassette release Jaguar Dance in 2011 (Not Not Fun). The end result is an auditory prize jewel with a coherence of the kind one finds rarely.

Culture of Pink places Cankun in that elite circle of artists whose music rings out from the rest of the one-man band projects out there.