01. Pure As Gold (12:09)
02. Salomon’s Ring (10:22)
03. La Mort N’en Saura Rien (07:56)
04. Shaggy Shadows (07:26)
05. Ghost River (06:05)
06. Cut Up (16:44)

Cat #: HITD 018
CD Digipack – 200 copies
Release date: 14th May 2013

Written & recorded by Sylvain Bombled, Boris Magnin
& Sebastien Lemporte (Track 6)
Spoken word on Pure As Gold by Fred Debief
Recorded @ La Rodia, Beançon
Engineered and Mixed by Thierry Gros
except Cut Up and Shaggy Shadows by Cyrille Hentzen
Mastered by Thierry Gros
Artwork by Bertrand Beal


Mayerling is a very special release for Hands in the Dark as it’s the first time we’re championing a close friend from our French hometown, Besançon.

This project had been dozing in the shade of its creator Sylvain Bombled for several years, seeing the light of day when he decided to allow himself an exploration of new sonic territories influenced by the likes of Mort Garson, Klaus Schulze, Can, Robert Rich, Apparat, Amen Dunes, Peter Broderick and Marcus Fischer, and after having spent almost 20 years serving to the effigies of an altogether different musical genre.

Moving away from his roots in rock ‘n’ roll to master and bring to life the fragile balance of his numerous influences has been a long path, and even if the original idea was to walk alone, the road is often paved with fascinating encounters. The need to share his universe led Sylvain to work, variously, with friends. Guitarist Boris Magnin, guitar experimentalist Jean-François Pauvros and cello player Sebastien Lemporte have all made their imprint on Sylvain’s unique offering.

Mayerling evolves in a dreamy, reverberated, minimalistic universe. Cut Up is their brilliant, thundering debut album – make sure you check it out!