METACOMET – Depression Ceremony & Strange Riders
CD1 Depression Ceremony
01. Long time coming (04:23)
02. Dead man (05:43)
03. Warm Winds (09:13)

CD2 Strange Riders
01. Burning Down a Cabin, Death Valley (06:20)
02. This is the Shape of My New Computer (15:32)
03. Highway Hypnosis (10:27)

Cat #: HITD 003
Double card wallet sleeve 2xCD – 200 copies
Artwork by Ian Staub
Release date: 3rd May 2011


Metacomet is the name sliding across the surface of an ongoing collaboration between guitarists Ian Staub and Max Gardner and vocalist Christina Boyd. The trio originally released their first recording, the Depression Ceremony cassette, on ambient/experimental impresario Sam Goldberg’s Pizza Night imprint in January of 2010. Since then, Metacomet has established itself as an exciting, open ended experiment in melding the mute grandeur of “big skies” Americana with the meditative drone and melodic experimentation of psychedelic/experimental traditions, especially German Kosmische Musik, to make a sound that’s warmingly familiar, but maddeningly difficult to name or define.