Byron Westbrook – Distortion Hue
01. Point of Saturation (01:58)
02. Ricochet Waves (03:47)
03. Still Ringing Red (01:48)
04. Tunnel Visioning (04:11)
05. Heliocentricity (04:32)
06. Electric Blued (03:53)
07. Heavy Weather (05:04)
08. Grey Canyon Echo (01:22)
09. Refraction Haze (05:07)
10. Yellow Horizon Line (03:32)

Cat.#: HITD 055
Release date:5th February 2021

Limited edition of 300 copies on black vinyl

Hands In The Dark presents Distortion Hue, American composer Byron Westbrook’s follow-up LP to 2017’s Body Consonance, his previous LP for the label.

Where Body Consonance focused on gesture and movement, Distortion Hue is grounded in catharsis and gut emotion. Its ten tracks of tape-manipulated electronics present a more raw side of Westbrook’s work, with grainy and damaged textures, walls of feedback and non-metered pulses.

The album shows a wide range of expressiveness; pieces like “Heavy Weather”, “Tunnel Visioning” and “Electric Blued” capture the deep anxiety of the present moment while “Refraction Haze” and “Ricochet Waves” have flashes of hope amidst their chaos. With a nod to rock minimalism as well as to his mentor Phill Niblock’s sonic material approach, Distortion Hue is heavy in weight, a complex and layered deep listening experience.

credit: Braulio Lam

Credits: Composed & performed by Byron Westbrook / Mastered by Stephan Mathieu / Vinyl cut by Andreas [Lupo] Lubich / Album art by Morgan Cuinet