Brecht Ameel – Here (Original Soundtrack)
01. Here
02. Stefan’s Theme – Hotel Scene (Violone version)
03. Stefan’s Theme – Hotel Scene
04. Great Soup! (Violone version)
05. Great Soup!
06. You Should Go Over Graz (Violone version)
07. You Should Go Over Graz
08. Stefan’s Dream
09. My Color is Green
10. Stefan’s Theme
11. Shuxiu’s Theme
12. Shuxiu’s Theme (Violone version)
13. Here End Titles

Release date: 19th January 2024
Digital Release

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Quiet, graceful and tender, Bas Devos’ fourth feature film HERE has been a festival favourite throughout 2023 after winning the Best Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival’s Encounter section.

Earning praise around the globe for its vulnerable gaze and dreamy, instinctive portrayal of two strangers meeting, HERE has its official release in January 2024 – a timely moment to bring the film’s soundtrack to the fore.

As was the case in Devos’ previous film Ghost Tropic (2019), Brecht Ameel’s score is used in an unobtrusive way, occurring only briefly and sporadically, always complementing the sounds of city and nature: windblown greenery, summer rain, a train chugging in the distance, an urban landscape waking up.

On a first level, HERE has a clear focus on earthly concerns; work, food, the ache of finding one’s footing. But slowly and steadily a shift into the realm of the spiritual is taking place, a change that is softly underlined and augmented by the delicate tones of Ameel’s compositions on violone, mellotron and electric piano.

Completing the everyday-cosmic universe of this unique film, this original score deserves to be discovered on its own. As such, it is presented here in a digital format by Hands in the Dark.

All music composed and performed by Brecht Ameel
Recorded by David Poltrock in Schaarbeek, in November 2022 and January 2023
Thank you for lending the Violone: Pieter Lenaerts