Andrea Taeggi – Nattdett
01. Quetta
02. Neuroterus
03. Planetesimals
04. Tripofobia
05. Femtohertz
06. The midnight patcher

Release date: 3rd May 2024
Limited edition of 200 LPs + Digital

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Berlin-based, Italian-born sound artist Andrea Taeggi introduces his debut release on Hands in the Dark records with ‘Nattdett’, an album showcasing six mesmerizing and rhythmically intricate electronic compositions. Drawing inspiration from previous works such as ‘Mama Matrix Most Mysterious’ (2015), ‘Batch 0006’ (2017), and ‘Zimní Král’ (2018), Taeggi delves further into his exploration of cyclical patterns and tension-filled compositions within his creative process.

The album’s tracks focus on unsettling atmospheres, unusual rhythms and percussive tones, using a vast array of rare equipment, including the analog computer from the Willem-Twee synthesis studio in the Netherlands, initially employed for flight simulation in the Cold War-era. ‘Nattdett’ eloquently showcases Taeggi’s talent in transmuting the essence of vintage machinery into a compelling primal language, offering an immersive and mind-expanding listening journey.

Andrea Taeggi by Daphné Lejeune

All music written and mixed by Andrea Taeggi between The Netherlands and Germany
Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Clunk
Cover art by Morgan Cuinet
Layout by Floriane Miny