01. Rituals (04:14)
02. Dreams Of Sheep (03:43)
03. Cul-De-Sac (04:04)
04. Somnambulists (03:56)
05. The Unseeing Eye (04:18)
06. From Elsewhere (02:59)
07. Library Goblin (04:11)
08. The Clearing (01:30)
09. The Unseeing I (03:09)

Cat #: HITD 009
CD Digipack – 150 copies
LP – 300 copies on yellow vinyl (1st pressing)
300 copies on white vinyl (2nd pressing)
Release date: 13th March 2012

Co-Release with Kalligrammofon
Photo by Jenny Cleveson
Peacocks by Audrey Beardsley
Mastering by Linus Sjölund


Death And Vanilla is a duo from Malmö, Sweden, formed by Marleen Nilsson and Anders Hansson. They started to record some of their musical ideas in an unheated attic space overlooking Malmös largest and oldest graveyard in the fall of 2007.

Using samples, vibraphonette, moog and a lot of spring reverb as some of the ingredients, Death And Vanilla create dark arcane popsongs. Mixing found sounds with minor tremolo chords and sweet melodies drenched in echo, fragments are put togehter to a cinematic and dreamy sound.

Prior to this album, they released their debut-EP via our label in 2010 which sold-out within its first month of release. It featured 4 tracks regarded by critics and the blogosphere as a talented, well promising presentation to the duo’s picturesque universe.

This sublim debut-album is composed of 9 tracks of psychedelic and smooth pop influenced by 60’s/70’s electronic music, Library music, French and Italian 60’s soundtracks and 60’s French pop.