01. Holy Strays – Chief (04:43)
02. Holy Strays – Peaceful Rain (03:48)
03. Cankun – Tropical Gardens With Palms (05:24)
04. Cankun – Psych Night Ride (05:08)
05. Je Suis le Petit Chevalier – Amish Amish Land (06:34)
06. Je Suis le Petit Chevalier – Native Ghost Testimony (06:16)
07. Voodoo Mount Sister – Nehtotilo (10:03)

Cat #: HITD 007
LP – 300 copies on white vinyl
Release date: Saturday 26th November 2011
Co-release with Ruralfaune

Artwork by Michael Sallit


HITD 007 will mark the launch of the first volume in a series of splits, which answers to the beguiling name of Travel Expop Series. The idea behind this series is simple: With each new edition we will bring a handful of experimental pop artists together with a label that we admire of the same nationality, on a single vinyl.

So we begin with France, in co-production with the label Ruralfaune. This first volume-collage will, to our delight, draw together Cankun’s groovy funk-pop, the hallucinatory drone merry-go-round music of Holy Strays, the luminous, poetic dabblings of Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier and the cosmic equatorial hypnosis sounds of Voodoo Mount Sister. As for the artwork, Michael Sallit will mark his name on the list of collaborators.


Holy Strays is the recently adopted nom de plume of a young Paris-based producer, who delivers equally massive and intimate beats. His sub bass grooves and frenetic rhythms usually melt with meditative, dusky atmospheric patterns, organically rooted in cycles and repetitions. With a sound sometimes aluding to nu-jazz, R&B or jungle, his subtle soundscapes lead to communion, between trance and contemplation.

His first draughts were released on tape – 2010’s Hyperion – by Not Not Fun records and a debut single saw the light in June 2011.

French haze aesthete Vincent Caylet has been active on the marginal music frontlines in various capacities for several years at this point but Cankun is an even brighter-lit hideaway of mirages to pass out in.

Choppy, chiming guitars balance-beam above looping heatwaved keyboards while skittery beats glitter like a glare on the skin of the sea.

2011 was quite a busy year, while LA-based Not Not Fun put out the Jaguar Dance cassette, we released his Ethiopian dreams full length earlier this year. Escapist, joyous, and psychedelically sunburned in equal measure.


Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier is a musical fantasy born in a trailer by the woods of upstate New York during summer 2010 by the French based in Belgium Felicia Atkinson.

Since then, those sounds in wonder have been collected by I had an accident, Stunned, Digitalis, Kaugummi, Folkwaste library, Ruralfaune, No kings, Aguirre, La Station radar & Shelter Press…

Voodoo Mount Sister is the duo of two friends who’ve been busy with their solo projects (High Wolf & Chicaloyoh) and decided to start some kind of band together, just for fun.

Once in a while Voodoo Mount Sister meet up and record completely improvised sessions in a dark kraut dub like spirit.

First VMS record has been released as a CD-r on Winged Sun Records in 2010, a full length tape is scheduled for late 2011 on the same label.

The featured track on this LP compilation has been recorded in Chaudelande (where Chicaloyoh is based) in July 2011.