Bitchin Bajas new track & interview on Noisey Vice.
Transporteur 12″EP/CS is out on May 4th. Get your copy now.

You can now listen to a stunning track from Demian Castellanos‘ archival LP The Kyvu Tapes Vol.I (1990-1998) below !!
More words on Hartzine and Tiny Mix Tapes. Get your copy HERE.

Tiny Mix Tapes (US), Hartzine (FR) and Subbacultcha! (BE) just revealed Cankun‘s first single Moyit, from the upcoming album Only The Sun is Full Of Gold, out on 4th May on Hands In The Dark (LP) and Not Not Fun (CS).

Pre-order your copy HERE.

The Drone (FR), Ad Hoc (US) and Subbacultcha! (BE) just premiered Bitchin Bajas’ new track Marimba, from the upcoming Transporteur 12″ EP, out on 4th May. ENJOY!! The record is already available in our store.

We’re extremely proud to announce that our upcoming releases are now available for pre-order!

Bitchin Bajas Transporteur –  12″ EP X 600 copies / 100 Cassettes – Pre-order your copy
Cankun Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold  – LP X 500 copies – Pre-order your copy
Demian Castellanos The Kyvu Tapes Vol.I (1990-1998) – LP X 350 copies / Co-release with Cardinal Fuzz – Pre-order your copy

Those three new records will be out on 4th May 2015. First excerpts are coming soon…